“The Veil Is Getting Thinner”

“The Veil Is Getting Thinner”.

Today is the day we dress up and frolic along the candy trail. I can’t quite bring myself to dress up beyond myself. Meaning, beyond a sexy fairy or naughty witch is just counties intuitive! Aren’t we all sexy fairies and naughty witches in some way or another anyway? Lol. anyway costumes aside, be what we be daily free and alive, blessing and mourning those who’ve passed on this night, I suppose while exposing an alter ego! My secrets are out! So be it! Merry fun to all, happy new year, and blessedness to the ones gone before to whisper secrets and dance with us in the joyous cycle of life.


About LoreRain™

I work in craft. Not the glue stick kind, but with passion my hands produce energy infused jewelry. I craft letters using the power of words to spell the out light in shadow, a writer. As an artist I am inspired by metaphysical and utilitarian works. I'm nearly finished with my BAS in English, and study philosophy and paganism on my free time! I am medium, can see auras, spirits, and basically just work with metaphysical energy! View all posts by LoreRain™

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