Weaving Webs

Shake my hand.  There you take my residue.  It’s unavoidable to not exchange energy by something as simple as eye contact.  It says “I see you”.  It validates a person.  Likewise, when we don’t look at a person or whatever cultural exchange of energy, we “offend” or “deny” the exchange.  But, is that so wrong?  I must say I do not like to be hugged by just anyone.  I’ve felt my energy being sucked out of me by certain feeders who lives only to make themselves more energetic than everyone else.  This is power lust essentially and lack of self.  My power is in me and nothing more or less.  But together we make a vibrating, extended web of energy that if not met with wisdom can harm or hinder someone.  Not just intentionally feeding on the energy in the room, but having a bad day and dumping on your coworker, or spouse.  Making promises you don’t keep, entering someones space after you have yet calmed down from an intense phone call, or manifesting an action with out thought or conviction cause a negative ripple of residue scattering down until it’s burnt out or builds up.  Who knows which.  That’s why it’s important we all take responsibility for our personal space, our thoughts and intentions, and how we look, touch, and think about other people.  Yes, maybe you wanted to buy your boss a coffee, but was it just to hope she’d burn her lip?!  Deep inside we need to ask ourselves “why am i doing this?” and also “why am i with these people”.  Do you want to be the one accepting the coffee?! Not me.  There are ways to protect yourself from these negative daggers through mental shields and simple energy blocks but when you do that you may miss some goodness too.  So discretion advised!

Family is irreplaceable but that doesn’t mean you have to spend everyday with them or week or month.  In today’s culture, we do not foster a familial setting.  We have severe individuality for the sake of freedom, which isn’t bad but we’ve lost the know how to honor culture, energy exchange, and the true meaning of the person from the inside as a being among other selves.  Rather we see them as a worker, or “It’s moms birthday I’ll give her a call”.  The residue of tradition lies in us all as we crave love from our family, friends, and others, whether we want to admit it or not.  This spherical web is more spread out from one “point” to another.  But since there is no such thing as a point, we must admit that this sphere is in fact pulling within itself because we yearn for the other “point”.

I’ve never agreed with the theory of relativity and that’s why. Space and time are not married.  We live outside time and are members of spacial bodies.  These bodies do pull for other bodies and are pulled by gravity, sure.  But when the coming together of these “points” of say a love, the result is one.  Theories go one from here as to what happens to matter.  I like to think that all these spread out “points” will be one in an unwebbed, mass of vibrating, energy of whatever residue is combined.

Because of this, rather becoming one, imploding into a worm hole, or exploding into beyond, we need to try and watch the residue! Check intention, take responsibility, create the whole self and not take from it.

I just did a cleansing ritual for this Harvest moon, and I realized how much residue of others I have been dragging around and pulling towards me while other of that nature gravitated and those wary enough repelled.  It wasn’t horrible residue.  Just a bit of sadness and a splash of insecurity.  And though I’m sure my journey will be littered with negative residue, this only balances the ying and yang.  We can not have positive with out a negative, folks!  But I don’t advise robbing a bank so a cop can gain glory through an arrest and declare yourself “well balanced”!  Uhm, no feel the vibrations of each action and you’ll see the human crisis of not addressing residue, and acting irrationally to rob a bank which creates a need for a residue cleaner.  Negative energy can be experienced in healthy life trials that do not have to send you to jail!  Though, some people may need this.  I would assume or it wouldn’t be happening.

So until we take responsibility for the residual affects we have in our thoughts, intentions, and actions.  We will continue to paw at the ball of yarn mewing for mothers milk.  Maybe we should call our moms!

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I work in craft. Not the glue stick kind, but with passion my hands produce energy infused jewelry. I craft letters using the power of words to spell the out light in shadow, a writer. As an artist I am inspired by metaphysical and utilitarian works. I'm nearly finished with my BAS in English, and study philosophy and paganism on my free time! I am medium, can see auras, spirits, and basically just work with metaphysical energy! View all posts by LoreRain™

2 responses to “Weaving Webs

  • Aum Nicol

    There is much truth in what you say but Is there some anger in your tone? Funny, I agree with you but at the same time feel offended. Such is what words do. You have much passion in your voice and it is intense in your message. I remember asking a healer if she needed to cleanse herself from the negative energies of others. She said to me that only if she ‘feared’ that they were taking from her or leaving baggage on her. She was at a place in her evolution where she vibrated enough light to give unto others and allow the infinite source to release negativity and change it into good. Imagine you are a tap- a conduit of eternal energy.

    I look at it this way—From the top of your head pours in golden white light, healing, love, pure abundance. As you meet and interact with people, the light comes out from your heart center, it is not depleting you of yours but flowing from the top of your head out from your heart simply giving others what they need. There is no residue of others for they have received what they need from the light. They take no energy from you for you are in constant connection of the flow.

    There is only pulling and yanking of our part of the web, if we ourselves feel limited and finite. You my dear, are infinite, flowing, passionate and a beautiful light–we all are. I am glad you wrote your message, I needed to be reminded I believe this. Be love, spread joy, Aum (om)

    • LoreRain

      Anger? Impressive! That’s cool you picked up on that! When I wrote this, I felt that humanity has lost so much beautiful tradition for autonomy. The praise a man or woman gets for working insane hours for success and never bonding in community and family sometimes just irritates me to the point that I want to say something about it. I do this practice with the light, and it does affect the web strands and self, surely. But this practice is a minority, that what I was trying to expose. Just how self oriented are we? Where’s the balance? I’m also of the belief that you cannot have positive with out negative, in that manner we must accept that we cant be totally positive in our journey and work or realize the negative (accepting our faults) and begin changing them. And a huge fault in humanity, is just how truly disconnected we are. In the older literary works about cultures and society, other than the mass sicknesses and hard work lol, I miss the bonds! I’m kidding about hard work. I just want myself and readers to look at their points or self and see what light and connections are affecting the grand web and what not. Thank you so much for reading and responding! Sorry to babble but, I love talking to people about philosophy, craft, and anything related to life! Its always good to have different emotions that balance the greater aspect! Have a blessed Sunday!

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