Tarot today

10 of cups, I embrace the fullness of my emotional day on the swan laced in ivy preparing for the change to come.

I tossed a crystal charged with change and my fears into the wild lake last night as the wind viciously licked my face and smoke from the fire filled my senses. It was a beautiful night. In the dark blind twinkling clouds, she stood on the lake blessing me with purpose and wonder. Dark hair tumbling down tasting the waning moon lit waves. I couldn’t see the moon in the shade of the night, but it was there as was she. With me always, I believe I’m blessed and the spirit is there for community if we so open our hearts to the essence of our fragile,beautiful earth.



About LoreRain™

I work in craft. Not the glue stick kind, but with passion my hands produce energy infused jewelry. I craft letters using the power of words to spell the out light in shadow, a writer. As an artist I am inspired by metaphysical and utilitarian works. I'm nearly finished with my BAS in English, and study philosophy and paganism on my free time! I am medium, can see auras, spirits, and basically just work with metaphysical energy! View all posts by LoreRain™

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