B Craft

Blessed Be!  In this generation, people are more tolerant, open minded, and self conscious.  But at what cost? Let’s ask the church.  It’s hard when all of the things that have been crafted into the mind and spirit are realized as gimmick and game. Maybe people will throw things at me and boo me.  I don’t know.  But, the history of the Christian church has it’s own jihad repeating through out the years.  I don’t want to be a part of this history.  So, what will this generation generate?  I creep along the earth with other wondering souls searching for truth, but, again, what cost?  I don’t think we know or care.  Hm.  Anyway, I will whip my hands into the breeze tonight and seek which craft rings true.


About LoreRain™

I work in craft. Not the glue stick kind, but with passion my hands produce energy infused jewelry. I craft letters using the power of words to spell the out light in shadow, a writer. As an artist I am inspired by metaphysical and utilitarian works. I'm nearly finished with my BAS in English, and study philosophy and paganism on my free time! I am medium, can see auras, spirits, and basically just work with metaphysical energy! View all posts by LoreRain™

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