I’m work in craft.  Not the glue stick kind, but with passion my hands produce energy regurgitating jewelry, art, photography, spirituality, and fumbles.  Also, I craft letters using the power of words to spell the out light in shadow, where the mind goes unheard daily, mostly screaming soundlessly .  Basically, I’m a writer, a medium,  and an artist inspired bt metaphysical and utilitarian aspects. I, also,  study religion and philosophy while practicing paganly!  I’m nearly finished with my BAS in English from, whence I intend to finish my book on the idea of existence and possibility of dimensions.

As an Energy Worker,  I can see auras, spirits, energy movements, sometimes visions and basically just work with metaphysical energy not limited to this dimension!  We are one. This can be done via email or phone because the Energy  Worker can astrally tap into the energy of the querent. I speak with my “helpers” who could have a message or advice from you.  When given permission, our guides can talk to each other.  Space is not an issue for them, as they experience space in a unfathomable experience unlike we do.

Contact me for a reading if you like! altarlore@gmail.com
Be Blessed

Lore Rain


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